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Affordable Tracking Solutions

Any business with vehicles or assets will gain a lot of benefits from use Extravision Tracking.

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Fleet Management

With Business running costs rising, businesses are working harder to improve business output.

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Plant Asset Management

Extravision Tracking can help you monitor vehicle and assets by sending hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports and sms text message is also available to report.

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Personal Assets Tracking

Take total control of your assets by sending commands which control different features.

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Asset Tracking Solutions

See live data and receive alerts from mobile assets.

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Personal Tracking

Keep track of your loved ones or people with vulnerabilities.

Welcome to Extravision Tracking

Providing precision GPS tracking.

Extravision tracking can monitor thousands of targets, and display their location on maps with crystal clear detail right down to street level in a web browser.

It enables users to track objects in real time, directly view historical tracks, get notifications about events that require your immediate attention, generate various group reports and much more.

The system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile phones and tablets.

It is constantly improved and updated with new features.

Precision GPS tracking

GPS Tracking Platform

Packed with easy to use features.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Points of Interest (POI)
  • History track, review and reports
  • Mobile optimised
  • App controlled commands
Easy to use features

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Extravision Tracking

is also available on your mobile device, for free!

Tracking software supports mobile platforms iOS and Android.

This is the mobile client of our tracking application. In order to use this application, you must have an account.

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Available on your mobile device